Breakfast Club’s “Uncle Ruckus”: Parody Masterpiece.

Boondocks is one of my favourite cartoons, I watched it when I was younger and then re-watched it when I was older and knew more about the world. One thought i had when I binged it was that the show was excellent at their parodies.

They had an episode where the late Dr Martin Luther King woke up form a coma to see that his dream had not been realised and he found himself being attacked by the media.  The Boondocks even had an episode on KFC running out of chicken and the chaos this caused. Last year KFCs in England ran out of chicken and the Boondocks were thought to be fortune tellers like the Simpsons.

The creators of the show today teamed up with the popular hip-hop radio show the Breakfast Club which regularly has presidential candidates on including Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Camilla Harris.

After being accused of being bias towards Democrats they enlisted the help of “Uncle Ruckus”, a character voiced by Gary Anthony Williams. The “Uncle Ruckus” character is a black man who suffers from vitiligo or as he explains on the show “the same disease that Micheal Jackson the kiddie toucher had but in reverse”.

Despite being black himself “Uncle Ruckus” hate black people and i shocked that many of them do not support President Trump. He also goes on a hilarious tirade about Jussie Smollet’s recent troubles saying that’s the reason he doesn’t watch ‘coloured shows’.

Uncle Ruckus appearance on the Breakfast Club is mean to be a parody of many black conservatives who betray other minorities in some of the things they say and do.  For example, “Uncle Ruckus” says he was jealous of Kanye West because he got the chance to visit the oval office.

You can watch the parody interview on the Breakfast Club channel below: