Myths and Misconceptions About Rolex.

Rolexes have become the pinnacle of men’s luxury, the first watch most people buy when they have made a lot of money is a Rolex. This isn’t because Rolexes are the best watches on the market, but they are a symbol of wealth and power. 

In this article we want to breakdown some of the more common myths that surround the Rolex brand. 

Rolex created the automatic winding mechanism.

Here is a standard misconception of the automatic winding mechanism. The first wristwatch with an automatic winding mechanism was created and constructed by the British watchmaker John Harwood, in 1924. Notably, Abraham Louis Perrelet and Hubert Sarton are largely considered the fathers of automatic watches. What Rolex did do is improve upon Hardwood’s design and constructed the first wristwatch rotor that swings 360 degrees and supplies the movement with an optimal amount of energy.

The logo on the crown sheds light on a Rolex’s authenticity.

When you finally have the money to buy a Rolex the first thing you would do is to make sure you are buying an authentic piece.  The logo on the crown can still be a solid basis for determining whether or not the winding crown is authentic. Yet, even after the crown was officially implemented as the brand’s logo, crowns were still manufactured without the emblem for a long period of time. This goes for innumerable Rolex Bubblebacks, whose winding crowns were signed with Rolex Oyster lettering. 

Since there is now a large number of counterfeit crowns in the market, you must focus on the small details and cross reference photos to make sure you aren’t sold a worthless watch. 

Rolex is the most expensive luxury watch manufacturer of the world.

If you have ever considered buying an Astronomia from Jacob & co you will be well aware that a Rolex  isn’t the most expensive watches on the market.   At auctions, the sky is the limit for Rolex’s, the most expensive Rolex Daytona Albino that went under the hammer reached an incredible price of about 1,4 million USD. Although, it’s really only a fraction of the cost of a Patek Philippe Supercomplication.

Rolex stands for “horological excellence”.

Rolex have never come out and explained what Rolex means.  The name itself was registered in July 1908 and it has been suggested by some historians that it was simply a ‘made up’ word which co-founder Hans Wilsdorf liked the sound of.