Yacht Of The Week: SOLO.

I have to say that it wasn’t a huge effort because we were working with a concept that had been designed for eventual lengthening. The original 65-metres could potentially be lengthened to 70 or 75-metres, so adding 5-metres aft was very straightforward. But we redesigned her lines as well with a lot more curves in comparison to the verticals and ‘Anglo-Saxon’ feel of the original.” –  Francesco Paszkowski

The SOLO is another home-run from Italian yacht builders Tankoa. It is the most efficient Tankoa yacht ever, the hull design and naval architecture was developed by a long-time Tankoa friend and engineer, Professor Ruggiero. And together with a forward-thinking technical team at the shipyard, they managed to cram some impressive tech into the available 1,600 GT.

Indeed the SOLO makes use of emerging hybrid technology to make sure it has fewer fuel emissions and in turn can use less fuel. At a speed of 10 knots, she only burns 195 litres per hour with one generator running, giving her a range of 7,000 nm – enough to get from Monte Carlo to Cape Town without stopping.

Room with a view

Perched on top of the yacht is the owner’s apartment, yes, apartment not suite! The apartment is wrapped around in full-height windows which give majestic views when sailing.  This area was initially destined to become the wheelhouse before Solo’s owner worked with Paszkowksi to create a real oasis dedicated to privacy and indulgence.

The quarters are furnished with rich materials including velvet-corner sofas and a what seems like a blend of suede and fabric lines the walls and ceiling. A life-sized overhead skylight brings life to each detail in the room and creates a magical ambience under the moonlight.

The owners can access the side decks from the suite and has a dedicated Jacuzzi forward and a relaxation zone that is lower than the bulwarks to create a cosy niche.” In addition to the grand suite, the owner also has access to a private media and study room situated aft towards the helideck. A unique circular pool was built on the expansive outdoor aft deck upon request of the owner and serves as a central piece of art.

The main dining room is one of the most beautiful rooms on this yacht, the somewhat dark-toned interior has been injected with pops of vibrant colour through the use of creative artwork and pastel-shaded furnishings. The LED lights reflect up from the marble table to create a dramatic atmosphere.

Another highlight on the yacht is the beach club, which also double as a daytime watersports centre as well as a stylish welcome area for guests.


Guest have a access to a wellness center, which has a  glass-walled gym with its own fold-out balcony and the spa zone with sauna and hammam (also with its private fold-out balcony). A special 5-degree-celsius chilled water shower provides added relief after those intense workouts on board.