Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo Has Been Unveiled.

Just ahead of the Gran Turismo Championship in Monte Carlo, Lamborghini revealed the Lambo V12 Vision GT. It’s the latest digital-only supercar for the video game, but it borrows a lot of real life elements. Namely, the powertrain isn’t something concocted for a video game — this video game concept uses the hybrid powertrain found in the upcoming Sian FKP 37. Recall, the production supercar uses a supercapacitor.

Entering the cockpit has been described by Lamborghini as akin to entering a fighter jet. Essential buttons are all placed on the steering wheel, while readouts spread across the windshield in a futuristic fashion.

The V12 Vision GT concept doesn’t foreshadow a single car, Lamborghini did hint this was an exercise to see where the firm could take its design language in the future.

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