Stylist Corner

Looking for inspiration, or just want to see how other people pair their outfit? The stylist corner will be made up of fashion bloggers, instagramers, any new brands who want to advertise their stuff and anyone who thinks they’ve got swag. Its simple all you have to do is send us you pic with links to where you bought your individual pieces. However, don’t worry if you got your stuff from a vintage fair or charity shop just tell us the brand and collection. Everyday we will post our best picks and anyone who isn’t already a popular blogger or instagramer who is featured will win a prize. If you are interested send us a dm of your picĀ  facebook here or tag us on insta @thenewgentleman_.

We will be running competitions every week. So don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages as that’s where we will post whenever we areĀ running a new competition.


Our prizes for each competition will vary. We will be giving away gift vouchers and merchandise from our sponsors.

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