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Dior Has Embraced Anime To Make The Cat Walk Great Again.

Anime has long been at the fringes of popular culture, most people can pick out Goku or Naruto on a line-up but that as far as most people’s anime knowledge [ … ]

Best Items In Menswear Right Now!

Our list of the best menswear items you should have in your wardrobe.  Rubinacci A pocket-square classic rework of a 13th century painting from the neopolitan outfit is enough to [ … ]

Kanye West’s Naked Yeezy Campaign Shots.

A well-known secret amongst marketers that when all else fails, sex will always sell. We don’t know if Kanye is struggling to sell his homeless range but the recent shoot [ … ]

Kingdom Of Sapeurs: Congo’s Fashion Week.

The fashion scene in Congo is one of the most diverse, vibrant and colourful  and we love it for that.  Africa is coming up fast in the fashion industry, very soon [ … ]