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Apple Staff Used To Beg Steve Jobs To Shower.

When it comes to running or starting a business Jobs is one of the best people to look up to but not everything he believes in should be taken as [ … ]

Times America Ruined Food, For No Good Reason At All.

Ask any tourist what they think about American food and they will tell you it is indicative of the vices of capitalism. Most non-Americans consider American portion sizes to be [ … ]

Bicep Moves You Should Be Doing And Mistakes You Should Stop.

A lot of men struggle with increasing the size of their biceps in the gym and it is because of three mistake everyone makes: ego, technique, triceps.  You need to [ … ]

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Freshman Emails Every Claudia On Campus After Tinder Mistake.

Here at The New Gentleman, we believe that Tinder will lead to the death of the gentleman. Why learn how to talk to women when you can just send them [ … ]

“Snowflake” Label Causing Mental Health Problems For Young People.

 “You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake” This phrase originates from US author Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 book Fight Club, earlier this year Chuck took credit for [ … ]

Most Searched Sex Questions.

The internet is our most trusted partner when it comes to searching things that would otherwise embarrass us in front of our friends.  From “how does sex work?” To “what [ … ]

This Woman’s “Medium Rare Chicken” Post Broke The Internet.

Morgan Jane Gibbs broke the internet with a post of what can only be assumed was her dinner for the night.  Armed with the hashtags #newyearsresolution #clean and #cleaneating, Gibbs showed of what [ … ]

What To Do After An Acid Attack?

Acid attacks are the new danger facing society, recently there was an attack carried out by men on a moped, who managed to at throw acid on five people in [ … ]

PornHub Now Has Videos That Are Synchronized With Sex Toys

If the movie Don Jon taught me anything, it’s that people are willing to go to the extreme just to get their fix of porn. This includes finding the perfect [ … ]

How To Stay Cool In This Hot Weather.

The Hot Gentleman The MET office has issued the second highest heat wave alert in British history. Currently Britain is hotter than Istanbul, Marseille and Los Angeles. We thought it [ … ]

Your Brain Starts Eating Itself When Sleep Deprived

Get A Good Night’s Sleep. The reason we sleep goes beyond just replenishing our energy levels as is commonly thought, in actuality our brain changes state when we sleep and to [ … ]

Most Luxurious Gyms and Fitness Centers

Get Those Abs In Style. These are the gyms and fitness centers reserved for those who love to hit the weights but also like the comfort of five star hotels, [ … ]

This Zero Carb Bread Is The Future

Cloud Bread. It’s almost summer time, many of us are dieting  and doing cardio in the gym. If you are struggling with carbs in your diet this bread might just [ … ]

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Hayfever sufferers those masks you see Japanese people wearing could be the answer!

If you live in a major city such as London or New York, then the chances are you’ve seen Japanese and other Asian people wearing surgical masks.     Many [ … ]

Muscle building myths you need to avoid starting out.

It is now March,  and this is the period after January where many start to get in shape for summer. If you follow the correct advice then getting a six [ … ]