Everyone Needs To Re-Watch This Poem To Kanye We Ignored In 2016.

International renowned spoken word superstar Jasmine Mans (@poetjasminemans) debuted this piece titled Footnotes to Kanye in  2016. At the time there was a furor over her words, many came in [ … ]

Why Everyone Needs To Pirate Kanye’s Next Album!

Pirating movies, music, books or anything is a disrespectful to artistry.  So why then would I call for people to pirate Kanye’s new album? Well, Kanye at this point of [ … ]

Jay-Z Making a Move on Harvey Weinstein’s Company

‘I’m not a businessman, I’m a business…man’ These words Jay-Z rapped on Diamonds from Sierra Leone are ringing true today. The rap mogul, has a reported net worth of $810 [ … ]

Jay-Z’s Mother Comes Out As Lesbian On His New Album.

Gloria Carter, Jay-Z’s mother, came out as lesbian in a new track featured on the rapper’s just-released “4:44” album. On the song ‘Smile’ Jay-Z and his mother both discuss her sexuality. This [ … ]