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Todays Biggest News Stories In Bitesize Chunks.

The world moves fast and sometimes you can’t keep up with every single news item. Here is a list of everything going on in the world that you need to [ … ]

Outrage At Andrew Cuomo Is Akin To Putting Your Fingers In Your Ears.

When I read the headline ‘Andrew Cuomo says America was never great’, I laughed because I genuinely thought he lost his marbles. The way Americans love their country such a [ … ]

Would It Be Islamophobic If Boris Was A Comedian?

Boris Johnson has shot himself in the foot as many politicians usually do. After he comparing Muslim women in burqas to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”, he is now facing expulsion [ … ]

Legalising Cannabis ‘Would Raise £1bn In Tax For The UK’.

The report from the Institute of Economic Affairs has valued the UK’s black market in cannabis at £2.6bn. In the UK cannabis is a Class B drug, legalising the drug [ … ]

The Hypocrisy of Liberal Media.

Lets face it, if anyone in the Trump camp or even remotely associated with it  called another woman a “feckless ct” the outrage would be far and wide.  However, before [ … ]

Can We Still Hate Trump In The Midst Of His Successes?

Donald Trump is a very polarising figure, I won’t lie, I’m not a big fan of the Donald. However, recently I have been asking myself is it possible to still [ … ]

Even Fox News Are Tired Of Grandpa Trumps Ramblings.
Cuts, Middle Class Cocaine Use: The Factors Affecting Violent Crime.

News has just broken that two 17-year-olds have been arrested on suspicion of murder after an 18-year-old man became the latest victim of London’s knife crime epidemic. This has taken the total number [ … ]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Emergency Open-Heart Surgery.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has undergone emergency open-heart surgery and his condition is stable, TMZ reported on Friday. The 70-year-old Terminator actor, is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, a former governor of California [ … ]

White America Caged Black People, Now We Are The Animals.

“I never owned any slaves” This is the response most white people have when it come to racism.  “You had a black president” It seems most white people think racism [ … ]

China Is Implementing A Black Mirror-esque Social Credit System.

China is an interesting places, it’s now joined as Turkey as one of the view countries in the world where the public has voted for a dictator to have more [ … ]

What Happens If North Korean Olympian Defects At The Games.

This has been a question that has been plaguing many of us, if there was a perfect opportunity to escape North Korea’s dictatorship it would be at the Olympics, where [ … ]

Oxford University Study Says Fake News Sharing Is A Right Wing Thing.

Fake news being peddled by right-wing posters on social media is a narrative many have been pushing but the University of Oxford has finally done the research and proved this hypothesis [ … ]

The Nigerian Bobsled Team That’s Making History.

In 2016, Seun Adigun launched a GoFundMe page to help finance an outlandish Olympic pursuit:  Start a women’s bobsled team in Nigeria, a country with a sub-Saharan climate and to become [ … ]

An Open Letter President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Dear President Emmerson Mnangagwa, I would like to start by congratulating you for being nominated as the candidate to take over from the former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. I am sure you are pleased [ … ]

The Blue Planet Fish With A See Through Head.

If you’ve watched the first episode of Blue Planet, then like many other viewers, you were probably astounded by the fish with a see through head. The Macropinna microstoma or barreleye [ … ]

The World’s Most Racist Countries Revealed On This Map.

After the xenophobic rise of Trump to power and the uprisings in Ferguson and Missouri, it is no secret that America is still struggling with the question of race. But is the [ … ]