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People Are Calling This British Transport Police Recruitment Ad Racist.

People Are Calling This British Transport Police Recruitment Ad Racist. As we know the internet is now an oppression Olympics, every day someone out there must prove something offends them [ … ]

British People Are The Best In The World At Spotting Fake News.

Americans have long thought they have superiority over the British when it comes to the economy, culture and military spending. However, Brits have always maintained, if guns were legal in [ … ]

How Your Brain Is Tricked By Fake News?

Listen to this anecdote, a professor is doing some research, after sifting through multiple website he lands on the  an article published by a group called the American College of Pediatricians [ … ]

Forget Liberal Vs Republican, The President Thinks You Are An Idiot.

At a certain point during political discourse, we must all take a step back and stop fighting each other and consider who the real enemy is. After his disastrous press [ … ]

Whilst Everyone Blames Trump, What About The Parents?

Yesterday Donald Trump did something we never expect from him, he admitted he was wrong! After outrage over his implementation of a zero-tolerance policy regarding immigrants illegally attempting to cross [ … ]

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Threatened ‘The Onion’ Over A Spoof Column.

Not The Onion.  Every week we find news articles you would think were written by The Onion’s team of funny writers. Thus week the Trump administration has done our job [ … ]

Why Do White People Keep Calling The Police On Black People?

In another universe the answer to this question would be they were committing crimes, but if you have seen any of the viral videos that are circulating. You would know [ … ]

Fake ‘Black Lives Matter’ Facebook Page Removed After Raising £71,000.

The page was run by a white man in Australia. Black Lives Matter is a very powerful movement at this point and many are willing to donate money to their [ … ]

Did America Demonize Marijuana To Send Black People To Jail?

Marijuana, weed, reggie. It has many names, in fact drug dealers needed to make street names for marijuana in order to not be caught. However, now that white America has [ … ]

Facebook Bragged About Being Able To Influence Elections, Then Lied.

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica data breach, everyone has been calling for Mark Zuckerberg to testify in front of congress.  Zuckerberg has had a pretty bad week, even by billionaire [ … ]

Manchester United Has Applied For A Women’s Team.

Manchester United are finally set to have a Women’s Super League team after the club applied to the Football Association to join.  United are the only major premier league team that [ … ]

Fashion legend Hubert de Givenchy has died at 91.

The fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy has died at 91.  The French aristocrat, whose full name was Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy, was one of the best known [ … ]

AI Is Being Used For Fake Celebrity Porn And Political Speeches.

If you thought humans were going to use AI to make groundbreaking discoveries then you were wrong. As expected, humans have taken one of the most impressing technologies we have [ … ]

Why We Need To Throw ‘Fire And Fury’ And Clinton Into The Trash.

During Barrack Obama presidency, many claims were made about the then president’s religious affiliation and Donald Trump even led an investigation into Obama’s birth certificate. Watching the 2018 Grammy’s this [ … ]

Nigerian Women Bobsled Team
Five Ways Racism Is Affecting White People: A Rebuttal.

Every week here at The New Gentleman we scour through dozens of stories to report on, and sometimes we do find gems, for example the gas station in Pennsylvania that [ … ]

Sky News Faces Closure Unless Deal With Fox Goes Through.

Sky has threatened to shut down Sky News if the news channel proves to be an obstacle in Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox bid. The deal is being delayed due [ … ]

Londoners Are Showing Support Of Sadiq Khan Over Uber Ban And Handling Of Grenfell.

Sadiq Khan has been receiving a boost in support after it has emerged that Londoners support the decision for Uber’s licence in London to be revoked.  The London mayor was [ … ]