Not The Onion

Not The Onion
Vietnamise Girl Thanks NFL Supporters For Finally Seeing The Light.

Yesterday, Nike made one of the biggest advertising decisions when they made controversial activist Colin Kaepernick one of focuses in their new ‘Just Do It’ promotion.  The response to that [ … ]

South African Farmers Are Failing To Provide Receipts For Their Land.

As elections due in 2019 approach, President Cyril Ramaphosa has intervened to accelerate land reform in order to “undo a grave historical injustice” against the black majority during colonialism and [ … ]

Brexit Will Affect The Composition Of Oxygen In The Air Scientist’s Say.

When the country voted for Brexit, no-one knew what the long term effects of it would be.  Brexit is affecting everyone and everything, you might have seen the headlines… Brexit [ … ]

Maryland Shooter Fearful People Will Forget Him After The Next Mass Shooting.

Yesterday there was another mass shooting in America that has left five dead and many more injured.  The shooting doesn’t come as a surprise because Americans fail at every turn [ … ]

XXXTENTACION Fan Has Seen Him Hiding In Cuba With Tupac.

Despite every major news outlet and XXTENTACION’s own camp confirming his death, one fan has evidence that the 20-year-old rapper is still alive and his death was just part of [ … ]