Life Changing Revelations Made On ‘Showerthoughts’ Subreddit.

Reddit, also known as the home page of the internet is also home one of the funniest and most introspective places on the internet. No other subreddit can match ‘Showerthoughts’ [ … ]

Avocado Art Is The New Hipster Trend Coming To A Cafe Near You.

If you thought the avocado phase was almost at its end, we are sorry to disappoint you. Just smashing up avocados and serving them on sourdough bread is no longer [ … ]

Bill Gates Details What Job He Would Do If He Graduated

A Graduation Letter From The Richest Dropout. Every person you meet at university(college for the Americans), has the dream to drop out before they get to their second year of [ … ]

8 Incredibly Successful People Who’s Success Came Later In Life

They Say You Get Wiser With Age.  The media and the success stories we see have programmed us to think if we are not millionaires, famous or have 100k followers [ … ]

British Artist With Autism Draws Cities From Memory.

Meet Stephen Wiltshire the autistic artist who can draw entire cityscapes from memory. The artist was born in London to West Indian parents on 24th April 1974. When he was a [ … ]

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