Things You Can Say During Sex and At The Dentist.

Things You Can Say During Sex and At The Dentist. If you laughed at our Things You Can Say During Sex and At A Funeral or Things You Can Say [ … ]

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A Japanese Company Is Fighting Armpit Fetishes With Ads.

Women have long been used to advertise products since the dawn of time. It is said the first man who discovered fire marketed it with a scantily clad woman by [ … ]

Sexiest Moments On Instagram: June 29th.
We Have Evolved To Find Sex Disgusting, Scientists Say.

It is true every once in a while the blogs find a niche study that proves that your vegan avocado diet is giving you cancer.   Everyone is a fan of [ … ]

Emily Ratajkowski
How To Propose By Idris Elba.

Idris Elba is  man of many talents, when he’s not perfecting his American accent, he is Djing and making music. We always knew Idris was a ladies man but to [ … ]

Emily Ratajkowski
Sexiest Women On Instagram This Week.

Guess what? It’s almost Friday, and to get you ready for your Friday night, here are the sexiest moments you have missed on Instagram this week. Gabby Westbrook.  Miami Day [ … ]

Sexiest Women On Instagram This Week.

Hottest Moments On Instagram This Week. 1. Hailey Baldwin Here’s Hailey Baldwin, standing in front of a sign that reads Hailey Baldwin. That’s so Hailey Baldwin. 🖤 A post shared by [ … ]

Women We Love On Instagram This Week

Some Of The Hottest Women Around. Instagram all day, every day. We spend a lot of time on the social app. Modern technology can be a wonderful thing, we’ve done [ … ]